Honor the caregivers who keep us healthy
Honor the Caregivers who Keep us Healthy
Wear a piece designed especially for the caregivers with a custom-made jewelry piece from Chronomatic. Whether you want to award your nursing staff or physicians for their years of service or new certifications, or you want to honor your dedicated volunteers for all the hours they donate, or to celebrate an event or anniversary, Chronomatic has the perfect recognition solution for you!
Custom Badge Holders
Create a Custom Badge Holder
One great tool for recognition is the badge holder. Most healthcare staff need to wear a badge, so adding their recognition award to their badge makes it functional and visible. The award will go with the wearer everywhere they go, reminding them of the value their organization places on them and inspiring others to achieve success as well. Badge holders can also include multiple types of recognition that can be added on right on the spot.
Recognizing frontline heros
Recognize Frontline Heros
In these unprecedented and often challenging times, it is extremely important to recognize the incredible work your staff and volunteers are doing in the fight against Covid-19. There are heroes on the front lines as well as behind the scenes, working together in healthcare, science, government, in police and fire departments, doing everything they can to keep all of us safe and healthy during this pandemic. Chronomatic is here to help say thank you to everyone in your organization who is going above and beyond.
Chronomatic Testimonials
What sets Chronomatic apart from other vendors is their attention to detail on orders, customer service, and ability to at least try to get product to us faster than original production times.
- Scott G. - Purchasing Agent