Employee Awards

Enhance the Productivity of Your Team
There are moments in a person’s employment when a simple thank you will not suffice. To honor the service and loyalty of a worker, reward them with a specially designed premium gift. Every time they wear their unique piece, it symbolizes the pride they take in representing their company, and in turn, the amount represents the level of respect their companies show them. Whether you are an employer or salesperson, our incentive and sales recognition programs will help your business. From sales promotion programs to employee of the month programs, we have a program that will enhance your productivity.
Championship rings
Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies
The Chronomatic sales recognition program is one of the best sales recognition programs in the world. Our sales recognition program is used by Fortune 500 companies such as Citizens Bank, Bank of America, Hilton Hotels, Mariott and, many more. It gives employees a unique piece of jewelry that they can wear with pride, while most importantly helping them to earn commission on their own referrals.
Recognition medallions
A Gift Employees will Treasure for Years
The success of any sales or incentive program is determined by the trust in the program itself. Employees know that you are committed to their success, and in turn, they work hard to earn recognition for their efforts. For your sales and incentive programs, Chronomatic recommends our unique recognition jewelry – a gift that employees will treasure for years to come.
“Chronomatic understands their importance in empowering employees and promoting your brand everytime.”