Secret Symbols
Secret Symbols of Your Organization  
Fraternal and secret organizations adopted many types of symbols as a sign of membership and turned to Chronomatic for help making these symbols out of metal. By the turn of the century Chronomatic's products could be found in nearly every lodge room or parade across the country - and still are today. 
Hidden Panels and Monograms
Set Hidden Panels and Monograms
Some fraternal rings have hidden panels or can be flipped from, say, a monogram on one side to a square and compass on the other. Then there are the plain bands, which might be engraved inside with the name, date, and rank of the wearer, with symbols and jewels such as diamonds and rubies on the outside of the ring. And many rings bear numbers corresponding to a wearer’s degree or rank within an order.
Embelished Rings
Pieces you Will Be Proud to Wear Daily 
For the fraternity and secret organization members who have attained high degrees, gold rings are worn with the same seriousness as a wedding ring, except on the index finger of the right hand. We create pieces that you will be proud to wear on a daily basis. 
Chronomatic Testimonials
One of the most notable differences about Chronomatic in addition to their value, quality, and workmanship, and Ann Marie. While she is president of the firm, she is available 24/7 to assist with anything.
- Donna B. - Vice President