Custom Jewelry for All Non-Profit Organizations
Custom Jewelry for All Non-Profit Groups
While Not for Profit groups encompass a wide range of categories, popular types of non-profits include: rights and civil liberties, animal rights, land conservation and the environment, general emergency relief, refugees, medical assistance education, research and cultural preservation groups, health research and education, support for chronic illnesses and diseases cancer support and research, support for physical and cognitive disabilities, poverty focused charities, feeding the hungry, promoting self sufficiency, impoverished children, sanctity of life senior citizens, supporting military and veterans, supporting fire fighters and police, watchdog groups, children and youth, and women’s groups.
Custom Donor Pieces
Honor Donors with One of a Kind Pieces
Create donor jewelry pieces that are custom, helping spread awareness about diseases, hunger, constitutional rights, wildlife relief, Americans with disabilities, cancer research, world hunger, local food banks, paralyzed veterans, media awareness and even voter’s rights.
Custom Volunteer Pieces
Spread the Word About Your Cause
Create unique custom pieces that honor those who volunteer time to help these causes. These affordable marketing tools can be created in a number of different sizes and shapes, allowing Not for Profits to grab people’s attention and further help spread the word about their beneficial, community-giving causes.
Chronomatic Testimonials
Chronomatic has an incredible personal touch and investment in our partnership and is truly one of the most professional companies I have ever worked with.
- Donna B. - Vice President