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A Message from Our President

Ann Marie DaSilva Chronomatic President and CEO

Ann Marie DaSilva

President and CEO

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Over our 50+ year history, Chronomatic has built a superior reputation on being easy to work with and recognizing that our clients' interests are paramount

Each of our clients' needs and requirements are uniquely their own, so a one-size-fits all response is inappropriate. In today's fast paced, hyper-competitive business environment, Chronomatic is focused on:

  • A progressive, professional, ethical corporate culture
  • Fanatical operational and process improvement
  • Passionate and empathetic service
  • Open and transparent collaboration with our clients

The implementation of these philosophies and methodologies allows us to provide an added value to our customers. Our well regarded craftsmanship of precious and non-precious metal products leverage these initiatives end resulting in high value jewelry products.

The Three Key attributes that, I believe, assist in distinguishing Chronomatic are:

•  MBE AND WBE Certifications - Our clients benefit from our status by helping them achieve their expanding diversity goals.

•  Recognize Time as a Sustainable Advantage - We believe rapid, thorough and accurate responses to requests by any nature cannot be the exception but a valid and necessary requirement of our clients. It is our responsibility to respond in a manner that consistently exceeds or client's requirements.

•  Embrace Change - We understand that our success is dependent upon our ability to foresee, adapt, respond and, at times initiate Change. Change is our engine of growth.

I urge you to consider Chronomatic to benchmark your existing or get a fresh opinion on your next Jewelry, Insignia, Recognition, Award, Commemorative or Incentive requirement.


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