Years of safe work

Recognize Years of Safe Work
Safety and recognition of good driving habits is often structured with years of safe driving as a goal. Establishing a tiered recognition structure by tying your program or part of your plan to years makes it easy to create a tiered recognition structure.
Complementary recognition
Motivate your Employees to Stay Safe
For higher awareness of exceptionally high-risk times or to recognize other driver or worker safety initiatives, companies often organize such programs as Driver of the Year, Good Samaritan, and Summer or Winter Campaigns. 
Build a Safety First Culture
Build a Safety First Culture
Incentive and recognition programs are useful tools for the improvement of safety performance because they emphasize best-practice actions, key performance indicators, and results. Properly structured and implemented, safety recognition programs can communicate standards-of-excellence across a wide variety of safety initiatives and promote your company's award program – your custom symbols of achievement.
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